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The 2009 Taylor Spring Break Missions Trip

Posted by Tom Hallman at Apr 14, 2009 05:15 PM |

The 2009 Taylor Spring Break Missions Trip

Jesse, Jeremy and Noah with the DM Systems Dept

A few weeks ago (was it that long already?), three brave souls from Taylor University ventured forth into the mountainous terrain of Pennsylvania in order to spend their Spring Break in State College. Why? These three men had a vision to use their tech skills in order to serve the LORD through helping out DiscipleMakers' Systems Department for the week!

Noah, Jesse and Jeremy each stayed with one of the families on the Systems department and basically went wherever we went, whether that was to the HQ to work for the day, to Bible study, to the softball fields, or to the DM Men's Conference.

In particular, these men helped us set up an enterprise-class secure wireless network in our HQ so that our laptop/netbook/iPhone-sporting Staff could get ready access to our LAN resources such as the file server and print server. These guys ran into a number of difficulties, but prevailed in the end, and for that we are very grateful! In addition, they were able to set up a "guest portal" for use by visitors to our HQ. Oh, and we got to run wires through the HQ and use power tools. Very cool.

We were very thankful for their hard work, and we really enjoyed getting to know these guys. Lots of bonding took place over code, the Scriptures, ice cream, Wii and Star Trek. Especially Star Trek.

Thanks for coming, men!

Have you ever considered taking a few days off to serve the Lord with the technical skills He's given you? If you'd like to find out more, drop us a line: systems -at-

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